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What if I don't have a way to see my own site?

    You don't need to visit your own site at all, although we're sure you'll find an Internet Café or a good friend's computer where you can take a look. We're run by artists who know how picky other artists can be about the way works are presented publicly, so we do everything possible to make sure there's nothing wrong with the way your work on your web site looks or with the information you are posting.

Can I have an Artist Lightbox Web Site if I don't have Email?

    Absolutely. You can put your phone number or mailing address on your Artist's Statement page so people can contact you in the way in which you're accustomed. If you do use the Internet, you can easily create a free Email account on services like

Will people be able to find my web site in search engines?

    The Artist Lightbox web site has been submitted to over 50 of the major search engines and artist-themed indexes. We have included special code (Meta Tags) requesting that the search indexes check back to re-index our site every 20 days so newly signed artists will be included. Visit (one of the most popular search engines), enter "Artist Lightbox" and see that we're listed.

How can I make the most of my site?

    The best way to utilize your Artist Lightbox Web Site is to include its address in all of your own correspondence, and mention it frequently to colleagues. Although visitors may discover you when they visit the Artist Index page, your own marketing and mentioning of your site is the best way to encourage visitors to come specifically to your personal Artist Lightbox site to see your work.

Can I post info about my exhibitions?

    You can use our Message Forum it to advertise upcoming exhibitions and openings, and to start discussions on other topics of your choosing.

Can I change the background color or other design elements of my site?

    We've kept your cost to a minimum by offering a basic web site structure. We've used a dark "gallery gray" background to set off your work without causing color clashes, and we've used a clean, readable typeface throughout. We offer Personal Web Site Packages at a slightly higher cost and we'll work with you to provide the web site design you'd prefer. Contact us about upgrading your Artist Lightbox site, or to discuss your own ideas for a site.

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