Yukie Kobayashi

Artist Statement

“Invisible messages in the air fall like eternal snow”

This is simplest way to describe my artwork. I believe in a moment of spirit, and keep seeking existence of an invisible life force.

I was born and grew up in Japan until age 15 when my family moved to America to live. Since I am a Japanese citizen with American Permanent Residency, I always feel a sense of duality in my existence. After I traveled to Eastern Europe I gained more understanding of the mixing of the cultures of both East and West. These experiences from both Eastern and Western cultures are always reflected in my work.

I am inspired by the idea of the visualization of something invisible yet powerful. For example, any type of religious chant or mythological story makes us feel and realize the universality of our life and its force. I believe in the concept that all the things in the universe are connected, and I feel that imagination and the human ability to dream are the most important vehicles to change something from impossible to possible. I think the nature of the universal language of art become very helpful to open up people’s minds and encourage them to dream.

I like to create my artwork from natural material like handmade paper and water (liquid based medium), so I can feel the nature of the material with my hand. I love the flexibility and lightness of paper. When I work with paper, I can feel and almost hear sound of breath from its trees and plants and soil. These sensual experiences also help me create the shape of my artwork and allow me a direct contact with nature and humanity.

The process of my work is meditative. I try to open all my senses and feelings while I create artwork and focus on feeding life into my art. The images of invisible massages in the air haunt me and I chant many massages of love and hope in my heart while I work. I wish to communicate with all the creatures in the universe.

I think imagination is the greatest gift from god and I hope viewers who see my artwork are able to communicate with the spirit of love and feel power of imagination.

- 2002 “REBIRTH” Window on Broad, the University of the Arts Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia
- 2001 “VITAL SIGNS” Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, Philadelphia

- 2004 DNA Manifold, (Collaboration with Joe Davis, MIT.) Bios Gallery, Athens Greece
- 2002 USA.HU, Pecs Museum Gallery, Pecs, Hungary
- 2001 ATSZELEVE A HATAROKAT (5 American sculptors), V.A.M. Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
- 1999 Old World – New World / Common Ground, Budapest, Hungary

- 2003 The Philadelphia Art Alliance Museum
- 2001 Old World – New World/Common Ground, Part 2, Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, Philadelphia

- 2002 Eighth Annual International Exhibition of Women’s Art, SOHO20 Gallery, NYC (Ann Ellegwood)
- 2001 Works on Paper, Beaver College Art Gallery (Juror – Thelma Golden)

- 2001 SCULPTURE QUARTET, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

- 2002 Inspiration Grant (Works on Paper), from The Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia
- 1999 to 2001, MFA Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
- 1999 Lewis S. Ware Memorial European Travel Scholarship

- 1999 Charles E. Durtow Award in Sculpture
- 1998 The Ward Prize in Sculpture
- 1998 Angelo Pinto Prize for Experimental Work (from Jody Pinto)

- 2004 Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art and Philadelphia Sculptors Group
- 2004 NURTUREart, NY, NY and Art and Science Collaboration Inc. NY

- 2003 An Art Environment that lingers in Memory, Daily Local News (By R.B. Strauss)
- 2002 “A MOST PUBLIC PRIVATE ART” AvonGroveSun.com (By R.B. Strauss)
- 2001 SCULPTURE MAGAZINE, July/August 2001 Vol.20 No.6 (By Nancy Heller)

- 2002 The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
- 2002 Mask Making Workshop, Landis & Company Theater of Magic

- Current, Assistant, Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD.
- 2003 Intern at Dieu Donne’ Paper Mill, INC. NYC
- 2003 Lecture “Orenda” The Philadelphia Art Alliance Museum
- 2001 Lecture “Vital Signs” Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, Philadelphia
- 2001 Visiting Artist, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
- 2000 Attended “Art – Herald of the New Millennium” Budapest, Hungary

- Sam Hamill, Cooper Canyon Press, Seattle, WA.
- Pyramid Atlantic, Silverspring, MD

- Madann Ceramics Studio, Tokyo, Japan (foundation for ceramics I and II)
- Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Certificate and MFA in Sculpture
- Community College of Philadelphia, Diploma with honors

Email Address: yukiekobay@gmail.com

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