Thomas Parker Williams

Artist Statement

For the past dozen years I have produced more than 150 paintings and artist books that explore a variety of issues using representational as well as abstract means. Recently I decided to focus exclusively on making artist books in unique and multiple editions.

The most recent work employs original music compositions that I perform and record on multi-track digital recording equipment; the music is an equal element with the visual and narrative aspects of the work. Books that employ music include a compact disk recording.

I have based other books on mathematical formulas that use chance in the form of random numbers and the principle of self-similarity that was derived from chaos theory. In some works I employ traditional painting methods and photography.

I have been making art for most of my adult life, and have made my living in the mechanical design field. As a youth, I was trained in instrumental music, but I have no formal training in visual art. Recently I returned, after a period of about twenty years, to playing and composing music as a way to take my visual art in a different direction.

Thomas Parker Williams
August 2001

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