The Artist Lightbox Package

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Artist Lightbox - Your own web site to show your work.

Artist Lightbox provides a low-cost web site to show your work the way it's viewed by curatorial and art gallery staff. Visitors view your slides as "Thumbnail" images and click on each to see a Larger Sized version. It's the online version of a slide sheet.

You can direct colleagues - Gallery Managers, Exhibition Curators, Prospective Buyers, and anyone else - to your own web site where your work can be viewed instantly.

Total Cost: $50 for the online hosting (per year), $15 for each artwork you place on the site (one-time charge).

  • Each thumbnail of your art work or photograph is linked to a larger Display Image (500 pixels tall or wide!) scanned from your slide or photograph
  • An Artist Statement page (up to 1000 words) contains your Biography and other text information you provide
  • A Full Year online with a link to your email address and/or to an alternate web site (if you have one) completes the package

Each year after the first costs just $50 for the online hosting
There are no additional charges for however long you wish to maintain your site

You'll be listed on the Artist Index pages, and can send colleagues directly to your Own Web Site with a personal Web Address. Click on this link to visit our Sample Page:

  • Add more images or replace an image for $15 each
  • Post extra text on the Bio/Info page for $10 for up to 1000 extra words
  • Set up an Email Address and Mailbox that you can access with any email client or via Online Web Mail for $5 per month
  • Receive a $25 "Finder's Fee" for each artist you refer to us who signs up (credit against future charges)

The Bottom Line: The best reason to sign up for a Web Site with Artist Lightbox is Your own Bottom Line.

Budget-conscious artists now have an affordable, dependable way to gain a full presence on the Internet and show work to a larger audience simply and quickly by providing the same slides and written materials to us that are already used for Gallery submissions.

Slides or photographs can be mailed to us, and must be provided with a Return Envelope with proper postage; Digital Images can be uploaded if you already have them; Text can be submitted on our web site or emailed to us.

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